Development and application of X-ray phase microscopy

Grating-based X-ray phase imaging that functions with a spherical wave shows an excellent compatibility with X-ray microscopy. The spatial resolution attainable by a Talbot interferometer is limited by the period of gratings (several microns) because it is based on the moiré formation.

Neutron phase imaging

Neutron radiography is one of the methods for visualizing the inside of matter. Because neutrons have a higher penetrating power to matter than X-rays and interact with matter differently from X-rays, neutron radiography is used for unique purposes.

Optics of X-ray interferometry

目次 《Bonse-Hart X-ray interferometer》 《X-ray Talbot interferometer》 《Development of X-ray phase imaging devices》 《Bonse-Hart X-ray interferometer》 Two difficulties must be overcome in order to construct an interferometer in the X-ray region.

Development and application of X-ray 4D phase tomography

In the measurement of X-ray phase tomography, we normally assume that a sample is stationery during a scan. However, when we study on not only its structure but also function, we need to visualize the dynamics of the sample.