The 15th Symposium of Japanese Research Community on X-ray Imaging Optics
25th - 26th October 2019, Trust City Conference Sendai, Japan

Invited Speakers

        (Alphabetical order)
  • Kazunori Asakura, Osaka University, Japan
    X-ray imaging with a 2.5-µm pixel CMOS sensor designed for visible light at room temperature
  • Hisamitsu Awaki, Emhime University, Japan
    Silicon-based X-ray optics for future X-ray astronomy
  • Martin Bӧrner, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
    Microfabrication of X-ray optical components using LIGA technology
  • Christian David, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
    Diffractive X-ray optics: new opportunities at large scale facilities in photon science
  • Thanh Hung Dinh, National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan
    Highly precise material processing by ultrashort pulse soft X-ray laser
  • Tetsuo Harada, University of Hyogo, Japan
    Development of VUV and soft X-ray reflectometers for EUV-optics and optical-index measurements in NewSUBARU
  • Julia Herzen, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    Recent advances in X-ray grating interferometry
  • Makoto Hirose, Osaka University, Japan
    Development and application of hard X-ray spectro-ptychography
  • Yeukuang Hwu, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
    Multi-scale X-ray imaging of animal brains
  • Matias Kagias, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
    Diffractive optics for microstructural analysis
  • Takashi Kameshima, JASRI/SPring-8, Japan
    An X-ray imaging detector resolving 200 nm line-and-space patterns by using a composite transparent ceramics scintillator
  • Yoshiki Kohmura, RIKEN, Japan
    X-ray orbital angular momentum imaging as a first step in X-ray topological photonics
  • Koichi Matsuo, Keio University, Japan
    X-ray Talbot imaging from bone to tunicate
  • Satoshi Matsuyama, Osaka University, Japan
    High-resolution full-field X-ray microscope with multilayer advanced Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror optics
  • Yoshitomo Maeda, JAXA, Japan
    "XL-Calibur”, the next-generation balloon-borne hard X-ray polarimeter with the world-largest effective-area telescope
  • Ikuyuki Mitsuishi, Nagoya University, Japan
    X-ray telescopes for space missions
  • Hiroto Motoyama, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    Soft X-ray focusing using ellipsoidal mirrors
  • Kunio Shinohara, Fujita Health University, Japan
    Soft X-ray microscopy to biology for the study on quantitative distribution of biomolecules
  • Motohiro Suzuki, JASRI/SPring-8, Japan
    Three-dimensional observation of magnetic domain structure by scanning hard X-ray microtomography
  • Hidekazu Takano, Tohoku University, Japan
    Combination of grating interferometer and laboratory X-ray microscope for phase tomography
  • Yuki Takayama, University of Hyogo, Japan
    Hard X-ray ptychography with coherent projection illumination optics
  • Wataru Utsumi, National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan
    A new plan for 3 GeV synchrotron radiation facility in Tohoku, Japan
  • Wenbing Yun, Sigray Inc., USA
    Advances and advantages of axially symmetric mirror lenses
  • Junpei Yamada, RIKEN, Japan
    XFEL sub-10 nm focusing mirror system based on Wolter III-advanced KB optics
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