The 15th Symposium of Japanese Research Community on X-ray Imaging Optics
25th - 26th October 2019, Trust City Conference Sendai, Japan

X-ray Imaging Optics is a research field which has developed rapidly after 1990's. The research field extends widely both in science and engineering, and due to the variety of its application area, this field is located at the hinge-on point of science and technology. This field is then playing an important role to develop a variety of research fields such as space science, life science, material science, science on synchrotron radiation, plasma & nuclear fusion science, medical engineering, and precise engineering. The Japanese Research Community on X-Ray Imaging Optics was established to promote this research field in Japan and started a series of symposiums (the first in Tokyo, 1990). The 15th symposium held this October in Sendai will take a style of an international one to encourage extended discussion and collaborations. We aim to talk and discuss about the progress in the optical and/or metrological techniques in the spectrum range of EUV, soft X-rays, and hard X-rays (e.g., microscopes, telescopes, optical elements, light sources, lithography, detectors, other relevant techniques, and applications).

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