A metallic glass grating for X-ray grating interferometers fabricated by imprinting

X-ray phase imaging: from synchrotron to hospital

Effectiveness of X-ray grating interferometry for non-destructive inspection of packaged devices

Demonstration of Stroboscopic X-ray Talbot Interferometry Using Polychromatic Synchrotron and Laboratory X-ray Sources

Talbot-defocus multiscan tomography using the synchrotron X-ray microscope to study the lacuno-canalicular network in mouse bone

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Beneficial effect of anti-platelet therapies on atherosclerotic lesion formation assessed by phase-contrast X-ray CT imaging

Fourier transform-based iterative method for differential phase-contrast computed tomography

In vivo physiological saline-infused hepatic vessel imaging using a two-crystal-interferometer-based phase-contrast X-ray technique

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